Education and infrastructure development

A proven strategy to economic development and social security is investment in education and infrastructure. Majority of Somalia’s large young population have never received formal education. And the limited number who receive formal education struggle to find meaningful jobs due to the poor economy. The lack of basic infrastructure (i.e. roads, clean water, reliable and cheap source of energy) is a prohibitive factor to the growth of the economy.

Target three of Fursad Fund aims to address education and infrastructure. The fund will be used to increase enrollment by a modest percentage, with special preference to children of the men and women in uniform (military, police and intelligence) across the country. Criteria will be set for selection of those children1. Furthermore, target three will sponsor a limited number of recent university graduates for a teacher training program so that qualified teachers can ultimately teach in primary schools. Criteria will be set for selection of successful candidates.

Moreover, target three will aim to invest in long-term infrastructural programs that aim to demonstrably create opportunities and underpin sustainable economic development. The Board of the Fund will set priorities. While such projects often require significant capital, Fursad Fund will explore options and implement modest projects within the available resources.