Board of Directors

Comprised of ten eminent individuals from across the country and with diverse backgrounds, age brackets and socio-economic status, the Board of Directors (BoD) is the highest and most important authority for Fursad Fund. Key responsibilities of the BoD include:

  • Set strategic vision, mission and priorities of the Fund.
  • Hire the Executive Director of the Fund.
  • Approve annual work plan.
  • Approve all projects and programs.
  • Approve all funding for projects.
  • Meet once every three months.

Management Team

Led by an Executive Director, who reports directly to the Bod, the management team will include: Fund Manager, Communications Team, Finance & Operations Team and Monitoring and Evaluations Team.
Key responsibilities of this team are:

  • Develop annual work plan in line with BoD set strategic vision & priorities.
  • Implement work plan and day-to-day operations of the Fund.
  • Identify fundable (bankable) projects in line with priorities.
  • Organize BoD meetings.
  • Communicate with Fursad Funders.
  • Monitor and evaluate projects.
  • Communicate reports.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the BoD.