Kaamilo Project

Fursad Fund has conducted a survey of 50 women entrepreneurs in Mogadishu; our results suggested that existing support services are inadequate for promoting, supporting and keeping these female entrepreneurs in business. There are at least 2,900 meat and vegetable sellers in Mogadishu. Most of these women borrow the produce they sell on that day and repay that money back on the same day. Some days they are lucky but unfortunately they are not always lucky most of the time.

As result of our findings, we have designed and developed project Kaamilo, which is aimed at supporting, promoting and keeping females entrepreneurs in business by providing them with loans to potentially diversify and or expand their small businesses.

20 women were chosen as beneficiaries of Kaamilo project that received training and micro-finance loan. Our goal with the training was to teach them how to assess the market (demand and supply), developing their business tricks, improve their visibility and accounting skills.

We believe that when a strong and business-minded women are given the necessary opportunities, she will stay in business longer, and she will be able to feed her family and send her kids to school. Our goal is to support and give opportunities to at least 700 women entrepreneurs through Kaamilo project.