Job Fair

The idea for the Job Fair has its origins in Fursad Fund’ strategic plan to create 50,000 opportunities in the next 5 years. In Banadir province, reconstruction is at an all-time high, trade is regaining momentum and thousands of refugees and highly skilled Diaspora members are returning to the capital.

With such high numbers of highly skilled and talented people returning to the country on top of the thousands graduating from local universities, we still lack the right ways and platforms to utilise from this huge available work force. As result, unemployment and poverty in Somalia have forced many young people to migrate in search of a better life through perilous journeys across deserts and seas.

The Mogadishu Job fair is aimed at bringing together local companies with local job seekers to provide an environment where local job seekers can find jobs and local companies can meet their recruitment needs. Our job fairs will develop from just being successful, cost-effective recruitment exhibitions into leading career events throughout Somalia, incorporating not just recruitment.


  • To facilitate the hiring needs of local companies and the employment needs of local job seekers.
  • To provide a venue to bring together employers and job seekers.
  • To stimulate and promote the local economic and employment climate.


  • To decrease youth unemployment by creating 5000 opportunities.
  • Improve employer perception and satisfaction with the nationally available fresh graduates.
  • Promote the region to attract foreign investment opportunities by showcasing the availability and abundance and low cost labor.

For Job Seekers

Over 50 companies are expected at the Fursad Fund Job Fair! This is where job seekers will meet with employers hiring for beginning, technical, and professional positions. Chance to talk with career counselors to answer their job search questions and attend career workshops.

For Exhibitors

A booth at the Job Fair presents an ideal opportunity to fill your job vacancies while providing valuable exposure for your company. The Fair attracts hundreds of job seekers with broad qualifications that could supplement your company with the potentially leaders that could take your company/organization to the next level.