Fursad Fund has three core joint targets. Finances will be allocated to those three priorities as determined by the Board of Directors (BoD). Each of the three target areas addresses problems in the past, present and future.

The core joint targets:

  1. Past: Social reconciliation and trust building encouragement
  2. Present: Job creation and poverty reduction
  3. Future: Education and infrastructure development

Fursad Fund is a national entity meaning that its scope of work extends to every region or province of Somalia. Each city will have its own essential needs, and the BoD will assess and eventually address those requirements.

The main beneficiaries will be the residents of poor neighbourhoods selected by the BoD in the seven provincial capitals (but not limited to). The main benefits will stem from improved access to services and living conditions and the creation of job opportunities from labour intensive construction activities.

In each of the target cities, a small coordination committee co-chaired by an official from the local administration and a member of the National Volunteer Program, will be established. These committees will ensure planning and monitoring of implementation of the project activities. Private sector companies who have been procured will implement activities, subject to demonstrating sufficient capacity. Fursad Fund does not, at the outset, have the basic capacity to implement project activities – and by procuring private sector companies, it will create opportunities.

National Volunteer Program (NVP)

Fursad Fund will create and establish a National Volunteer Program. The program will recruit one thousand young men and women from across Somalia to support the implementation of projects and fulfilling the core targets. The volunteers will be the main drivers of the coordination committees in target cities which will ensure satisfaction of the beneficiaries in target cities, as well as liaising directly with beneficiaries in all Fursad Fund-funded programs.

Microfinance Scheme

By establishing a microfinance scheme for potential entrepreneurs as a source of financial services, it will encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth and women in Somalia. In Somalia the majority of the rural poor do not have access to formal finance and financial services, and for this reason, Fursad Fund will pioneer an innovative microfinance initiative. Fursad Fund will prioritize women and youth to be the primary beneficiaries of the scheme, and introduce these potential entrepreneurs to technological innovations and opportunities to develop technology-based businesses. Fursad Fund will work with service providers (public and private sector, and financial services provides such as banks) to launch an effective microfinance scheme in Somalia.

Vocational Training Program

Fursad Fund will encourage and support unemployed people to move towards and into work, access employment opportunities and also for individuals to enter various career fields. To do this, a vocational training program will be established to help the local Somali people to develop the skills and confidence employers are looking for. Fursad Fund will create a network of skilled professionals working in Somalia to deliver the vocational training and skills transfer to the beneficiaries.

Community Infrastructure Development

There will be a community infrastructure development project which will address underlying infrastructure needs in the education, health and transportation sectors. Specific infrastructure needs will be indentified in target cities and following an initial assessment, Fursad Fund will authorize resources to be used for the construction of schools and hospitals which will provide vital services for the residents in the respective city.

Teacher Training Program

Fursad Fund will create a teacher training program whereby recent university graduates will be given training to develop necessary skills to work in the education sector. These graduates will eventually teach children at primary schools across Somalia. There will be a criteria for the recruitment process.

Capacity Injection Program

Fursad Fund will inject and provide educated Somali professionals with positions in various industries spanning in both the public and private sectors. By providing salary support to the staff, the professionals will be able contribute to the capacity-building of the institution they are working in – be it a school, hospital, government (ministry, agency, department), bank, etc. Aside from filling core capacity gaps with those positions, capable individuals will be able to benefit from the job creation aspect of the program. There will be a criteria for the recruitment process.


Recognizing the significant capital needed to implement the ambitious programs above, Fursad Fund will undertake modest initiatives within the available resources.

There is no priority or set location in Somalia where the projects will be implemented – Fursad Fund promotes the extensive and national component that makes this project what it is.